Monday, December 3, 2012

Jury Service - GREAT Opportunities!

Today I had jury service.  I knew this would afford opportunity for discussions with people just waiting around, so I was scared.  I asked the Lord to guide me and make it clear.  WOW, He sure did!

I gave a million to the cafe cashier and said "It has the million dollar question on the back - will you go to heaven when you die?".  Her face changed to very serious and she looked at me and said "Do we?"  I said - "Read what it says."  Didn't have any more opportunity to talk, because she had customers coming, but maybe she'll consider it.

I was outside the jury room in the hall and noticed a very scared looking young lady.  It turned out to be a 19 year old girl and this was her first time and she had no idea what was going on and what she was to do.  So I befriended her and gave her some education about the court & jury system.  She asked if she could tag along with me.  So we sat down and I explained a little more and gave her a bill also.  She was very interested in what it had to say.  Her name is Amber - pray for her.

Amber and I "happened" to sit next to a lady named Tanya.  She noticed I knew what I was talking about and asked if I could help her with the jury thing too.  I explained a little, then gave her a bill & told her what it was.  This was VERY exciting, because she said someone gave her a "Christian Message" at the doctor's office also, and she was interested.  I think the Lord is after her!  About that point, they called up both our groups and said we were to be dismissed.  So no more discussion.  But I gave Tanya a Sunday School Department business card, and hopefully she will come or call with questions.

The moral of the story - just be ready, and the Lord will certainly use you!!

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