Monday, December 3, 2012

Jury Service - GREAT Opportunities!

Today I had jury service.  I knew this would afford opportunity for discussions with people just waiting around, so I was scared.  I asked the Lord to guide me and make it clear.  WOW, He sure did!

I gave a million to the cafe cashier and said "It has the million dollar question on the back - will you go to heaven when you die?".  Her face changed to very serious and she looked at me and said "Do we?"  I said - "Read what it says."  Didn't have any more opportunity to talk, because she had customers coming, but maybe she'll consider it.

I was outside the jury room in the hall and noticed a very scared looking young lady.  It turned out to be a 19 year old girl and this was her first time and she had no idea what was going on and what she was to do.  So I befriended her and gave her some education about the court & jury system.  She asked if she could tag along with me.  So we sat down and I explained a little more and gave her a bill also.  She was very interested in what it had to say.  Her name is Amber - pray for her.

Amber and I "happened" to sit next to a lady named Tanya.  She noticed I knew what I was talking about and asked if I could help her with the jury thing too.  I explained a little, then gave her a bill & told her what it was.  This was VERY exciting, because she said someone gave her a "Christian Message" at the doctor's office also, and she was interested.  I think the Lord is after her!  About that point, they called up both our groups and said we were to be dismissed.  So no more discussion.  But I gave Tanya a Sunday School Department business card, and hopefully she will come or call with questions.

The moral of the story - just be ready, and the Lord will certainly use you!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Week

Good week, nothing earth-shattering.  Gave out lots of MDBs on a 2-day trip to San Jose.  It's interesting that most people keep it & say thank you and that they will read it.  I pray they do, most do not know the Lord.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back on Track

Back on track after several days of being sick.  That's no fun.

Yesterday gave out 4 bills - one each to the guy who came to work to fix our fax machine, my dentist, the receptionist at the dentist, and left one at the gas station - haha!

Today I gave out 18 bills.  It was on a flight up to San Jose, clients, mailman, hotel clerk, convenience store clerks & customers.

I need to get better at engaging for conversations.  I get scared.  A few times I had opportunities but didn't pursue.  I believe I'm not praying & trusting the Lord enough.  I NEED to do that!

Thank God for the opportunity to throw seeds around!  Help me learn to fertilize & cultivate and even prune a bit more!

Thank you, Jesus!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sickie Walk

Was home sick yesterday - yuck.

Today I'm getting better but still down.  Did take BJ (our pet Shih-Tzu) for a walk, MDBs in hand.  Gave 2 to some ladies out for an exercise walk.  In answer to "Will you go to heaven when you die?" the one said "I guess I'll find out".  I encouraged them to read the bill - bad news then VERY GOOD NEWS!

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Up & Back to Sacramento - A Long Day

Yesterday was a long day - up & back to Sacramento from Ontario.  But what opportunities to witness & give out bills!

I handed out or left 32 million dollar bills.

I gave one to a clerk at Budget Car Rental that claimed to be a Muslim but was "open to anything".  We had a good discussion, and I pray that he moves from "Open to anything" to realizing he is headed for God's judgement if he doesn't repent & trust Christ!

I had several opportunities for short discussions.  You can give MDBs to clerks, flight attendants, people on airplanes, ANYONE you talk to for any reason.

For example, yesterday, I was at a vending machine and the lady in front of me said "It won't take any of my credit cards".  I said "I think I have change for a five".  Then it finally did take her card.  Then I said "Have you seen one of these?"  She said no - I moved it a little more towards her and she took it.  I told her what it was and she said what most people say - "Thank you", and "I'll read it later".

WOW - I wonder if I'll see any of those people in heaven?  May God's Word cause them to come to Christ!

An Introduction

Hello All,

This is just a little introduction to this Blog.  Thank you for taking the time to read it.  I strongly believe in the usage of Gospel Tracts for spreading the Gospel.  In this blog I will give some of my methodologies, and also log interesting encounters and some results with the usage of the tracts.

Why Gospel Tracts?
I have come to believe that tracts are very effective in sharing the Gospel.  The main reason is that you can share with a person and leave him the information needed to be saved.  If you are afraid to witness to a person, you can do it and plant many seeds with Gospel Tracts.

Why Million Dollar Bill Tracts?
Million dollar bill tracts are the easiest to give out.  They're FUN!  You hand a MDB to a person and it almost always results in a humorous exchange.  This makes it easy to talk with them.

When Do I Give Tracts?
I usually don't walk down the streets & hand them to everyone, or at a bus stop or anything.  But I always have them in my pocket, and if I speak to a person at all or they speak to me, I offer them one.

What Do I Say When I Hand it to a Person?
"Have you seen one of these?"   Usually, "No".
"It's a million dollar bill".
They usually come back with a humorous reply.
If I have a little bit of time, I typically say "It's got the million dollar question on the back - will you go to heaven when you die?  That's an important question, eh?".  If I have some time, I'll say "Will you go to heaven when you die?", etc.  More about the "Way of the Master" methods later.
If I just have a little time, I usually say "It's got a great Gospel message on the back, please read it, it's very important."

I want to keep all these posts short, so that's it for now.