Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is So Easy!!

It is so easy to share the most important message of all time, with million dollar bills.  People say "Thank You".  Yesterday I had two separate instances.

We are camping this week.

I got into a "fishing" discussion with our neighbor (although he was doing most of the talking - I'm not much of a fisherman).  As we were finishing, as is my custom, I said "I like to give one of these to people I meet".  To which he said, "Oh, you're the million dollar person - I saw one in the bathroom & started reading it, but I decided to leave it there so someone else could read it."  So I let him have it, of course.  His wife met him and he showed her, and she said to me "Thanks for giving one to our family"!!!

I also met a young man on a bicycle ride, as I was taking a rest on the trail.  He just started talking to me, so of course, I gave him a bill.  We had a great conversation and he told me he had 5 children (I was really surprised) so I gave him 5 more.  Again, he thanked me.  Part of our discussion was that if he was a true believer, that he could be sure he was going to heaven.  I urged him to carefully read the back of the bill.

It's so easy to share the most important message of all time, hands down!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Are You a Good Person?"

Yesterday I gave out my first "Are You a Good Person" tract.  It's actually a little comic book which goes into more detail about God's Law, our sin and salvation.  I also put my name and phone number on there, if they want to call & talk about it.  I gave bills to some people at a bus stop, and one of them engaged for a short conversation.  He said he thought he was a good person, so I gave him the tract - I didn't have much time to talk.  Praise God!  I pray that he reads & repents & trusts in Jesus alone for salvation!

Praise God!

Here's a link to the tract on "Living Waters", if you want to see it ... "Are You a Good Person"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Get People to Take a Tract

If I meet someone, like when walking the dog, sitting on an airplane, etc., I like to say "I like to give one of these to people I meet."  About 99 times out of 100, they take it.  They might ask "What is it", and I just say "It's a million dollar bill", and they take it.

If I haven't even talked to a person, or just come up on them, I might say "Have you seen one of these?".  Almost always, they take it!

I also make it a point now to tell them what it is.  Either "It's a Gospel Tract and has a great message", or "It has the million dollar question", or something like that.

It's a wonderful blessing in my life to be able to share the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ EVERY DAY!

Praise be to the Lord!

It's a Blessing to be Blessed

What a blessing it is to be blessed by people.  This past week two separate total strangers, whom I gave million dollar bills to, were believers and said "God Bless You".  One was a man in a parking lot needing directions, and another was a flight attendant.  How neat to come across a fellow believer and have them say "God Bless You".  Thank you, Lord!