Saturday, May 18, 2013

What 5 Minutes at a Gas Station Can Do!!!

The other day I had to get some gas for my car.  Sometimes I'm just not disposed to witness.  Silly me.  But this day, I had a strong sense of the Lord saying to me "Don't be afraid".  Three separate blessings resulted for me, in 5 minutes.

I gave a million to a young man sitting in the passenger seat of a car re-fueling.  He immediately turned it around and began reading - "Everybody does that, everybody does that ...", to which I replied "Yes, we all need a Savior", then "You're dead a lot longer than you're alive - that could be the most important paper you've ever held in your life" - and he said "Yes".

I gave another to a lady pumping her fuel.  I told her what it was and she said "My daughter will like this".  And I wondered how many people pass on the bills to others.  Who knows how God will use them!

I had given another one to another lady, and afterwards she came up to me and said "Would you pray for my son, he's on drugs".  I asked his name & prayed with her right there.  When I was done she said "Thank you" and went back to her car with tears in her eyes.

Isn't it AMAZING what the Lord can do with 5 minutes at a gas station???

He is to be PRAISED and THANKED.  All glory to HIM.

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