Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Can I Keep It?"

What would you think of a piece of paper that has a great gospel message on it that you hand to people and they ask you if they can keep it?  A witnesser's dream?

It happens with million dollar bills all the time and it happened again today.

I was pumping gas and had it on autofill and went and passed out 4 MDBs to people pumping their gas.

This is how I typically do it:
1) I am very repectful - "Sir" or "Ma'am" - "Have you seen one of these"?  and hand it to them.
2) They almost always smile & take it!
3) I say "It's a million dollar bill".  Keep it.  It has a great gospel message on the back.
4) They say "Thank you"!

So today I gave it to one lady and she immediately asked "Can I keep it?"  To which I said, "Of course, and make sure you take a look at the back, it's got a great gospel message".  And she said "I will, thank you!"

Amazing - people often ask to keep it and 99% of the time say a hearty "Thank you".

Thank you, Jesus!!!

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