Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back on Track

Back on track after several days of being sick.  That's no fun.

Yesterday gave out 4 bills - one each to the guy who came to work to fix our fax machine, my dentist, the receptionist at the dentist, and left one at the gas station - haha!

Today I gave out 18 bills.  It was on a flight up to San Jose, clients, mailman, hotel clerk, convenience store clerks & customers.

I need to get better at engaging for conversations.  I get scared.  A few times I had opportunities but didn't pursue.  I believe I'm not praying & trusting the Lord enough.  I NEED to do that!

Thank God for the opportunity to throw seeds around!  Help me learn to fertilize & cultivate and even prune a bit more!

Thank you, Jesus!

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