Friday, November 9, 2012

Up & Back to Sacramento - A Long Day

Yesterday was a long day - up & back to Sacramento from Ontario.  But what opportunities to witness & give out bills!

I handed out or left 32 million dollar bills.

I gave one to a clerk at Budget Car Rental that claimed to be a Muslim but was "open to anything".  We had a good discussion, and I pray that he moves from "Open to anything" to realizing he is headed for God's judgement if he doesn't repent & trust Christ!

I had several opportunities for short discussions.  You can give MDBs to clerks, flight attendants, people on airplanes, ANYONE you talk to for any reason.

For example, yesterday, I was at a vending machine and the lady in front of me said "It won't take any of my credit cards".  I said "I think I have change for a five".  Then it finally did take her card.  Then I said "Have you seen one of these?"  She said no - I moved it a little more towards her and she took it.  I told her what it was and she said what most people say - "Thank you", and "I'll read it later".

WOW - I wonder if I'll see any of those people in heaven?  May God's Word cause them to come to Christ!

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